Total length: 42-47 mm. Abdomen: 28-32 mm.
Similar to Tramea ssp., but anal appendages are smaller, and smaller than S9 and S10 together. The basal spot on the hind wings is only half-circle shaped and does not extend to the posterior edge of the wing, as for T. abdominalis or calverti.
Erland Nielsen's photos, Antón, Coclé (Santa Clara), 4 September 2012.
Habitat: stagnant permanent or semi-permanent sunny water with floating aquatic vegetation. Frequent in coastal marshes (photos taken at less than 200 m from the Pacific ocean).
Distribution: from Mexico to Paraguay.
Les Libellules des Antilles françaises, F. Meurgey et L. Picard, Biotope Editions.
In Brazil.
Panama - Tauriphila australis male 1/1