Sympetrum illotum
Netta Smith's photo.
Chiriquí, Guadalupe, Los Quetzales Lodge, 18th August 2012.

Maybe an old male, who lacks the two vivid spots on the side of the thorax.

Total length: 28 - 40 mm. Hind wing: 26-28 mm.
Males perch on leaves and twigs at waterside or over water and fly out at other male dragonflies , usually their own but also of other species. May obelisk on sunny midday.
Habitat: lakes and ponds in northern part of the range, even very small. More common on pools in rocky streams in southern area.
Distribution: the Cardinal Meadowhawk ranges from south Canada to Panama.
Dennis Paulson, Dragonflies and Damselflies of the West, Princeton Field Guide.
Panama - Sympetrum illotum male by Netta Smith