Micrathyria didyma immature male
Dennis Paulson's photo, Canal area, Ammo ponds, 31th August 2012.
Total length: 35-41 mm. Hind wing: 25-33 mm.
Adult male with eyes brilliant green, face white, top of frons metallic purple. Thorax somewhat evenly striped brown and pale yellowish-green, abdomen black with fine yellow streaks on base and large squarish white spot on S7.
Habitat: wooded swamps and borders of wooded ponds and sloughs, typically in shaded area.
Distribution: Three-striped Dasher ranges from south Texas and Florida to Ecuador and Guiana, and West Indies.
Dragonflies and Damselflies of the West, Dennis Paulson, Princeton Field Guide.

Micrathyria didyma immature male
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